Gossip Girl

Avoiding the Trap of Gossip

Girls Telling a Secret

I have a confession to make.

I am a gossip.

Seriously. I am a nosey busybody who wants the latest dirt on everybody who is anybody.

At first, it may sound a little silly to confess this to you but I am realizing that just because gossip is more of a “respectable sin” doesn’t make it any less hurtful or less ugly.

Sin is sin, and allowing gossip to breed in my heart is a subtle way to let the enemy sneak in and kill, steal and destroy from the relationships in my life. And I don’t want to do that anymore.

Over and over again in the last few months, God has been peeling back the layers of my gossiping heart to show me just how deep this sin runs in myself. And, friends, it. is. ugly.

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SBHH S202: Sin, Salvation, and Sanctification

Show S202: Sin, Salvation, and Sanctification

Today we will be focused on the foundational building blocks of sin, salvation, and sanctification. These three words are tossed around a lot in church circles and often are like another language when heard by people who are either new to Christ or simply have not grown up in the church.

The words “sin, salvation and sanctification” are weird and many times lack meaning or just a depth of understanding by many followers of Christ.

So today, we will define what each word means, see its place in our Christian journey, and hopefully, those understandings will draw us to a deeper level of love of Jesus and appreciation for the ongoing work of the cross in our lives.

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Fat is a Feeling

Why We Struggle in Weight Loss

Running Down Hill

After 14 hours sitting sedentary in a car and logging hundreds of miles of fast food and soda pop, I looked into the hotel mirror that night and saw the worst version of myself. Greasy hair, muffin top belly, and a blotchy, pimpled face.

“Disgusting. I feel so disgusting,” is all I could think.

For the remainder of that day, all I felt was unattractive. Fat and unattractive.

Fast forward 12 hours + a solid night’s rest. The morning greets me at 6:00 a.m. and I head to the same hotel’s weight room for a 30-minute run on the treadmill. When I return to our room, I look in the same mirror. Staring back at me is the woman from the day before, sweaty, stinky and make-up less. Yet, this woman looks different. She doesn’t seem fat at all. She seems strong, capable and full of life.

My muffin top was still there. The adolescent-type pimples hadn’t disappeared overnight. I still hadn’t showered. So, what in the world had changed that I viewed myself so differently within just 12 hours?

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The Reason for Work

3 Keys to Appreciating Your Job

Hands Typing at a Laptop

If you didn’t get paid, would you still go to work every day?

I’m sure that made you laugh just a bit, and that’s completely alright. Most of us have jobs that are just that: jobs. We show up because we need the money, not because we are passionate about the work.

Which, I believe, leads us to live the lie that we only work because we get paid. If we didn’t need the money, then we wouldn’t need a job. And life would be good.

But because we need money, we get up and go to work.

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SBHH S201: The Glorious Message of the Gospel

Show S201: The Glorious Message of the Gospel

As we begin season 2, I want to keep journeying on, digging into God’s Word, even more, hearing, even more, testimonies of Jesus in the lives of other women and we want to keep growing as we learn practical ways to help us build our house well.

I wanted our first show in season 2 to focus on the most important thing of all. The Good News of Jesus Christ, also known as The Gospel.

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The Everyday Missionary

Living Missionally Right Where You Are

View From Front Porch

You, my friend, are a missionary.

You may not have had to move to a faraway country or raise financial support, but you have been strategically placed by God to live intentionally in the very community you are in right now.

You may not be an official missionary in the traditional sense of the word, but you are indeed an everyday one. You are an everyday missionary, and God has placed you in your corner of the world for a purpose.

And I believe that purpose is to love God and love people with everything you have. (Mark 12:29-31)

You may be thinking, who me? I am not a missionary. I’m not married to a pastor; I didn’t go to seminary. Heck! I’m not even a small group leader.

To that, I say, Perfect! Because God’s Word doesn’t call people to do any of those things.

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SBHH 022: Humility – The Ultimate Characteristic of Christ

Show 022: Humility - The Ultimate Characteristic of Christ

In our previous show, episode 21, we took a deep look at the pride that is within each of our hearts, constantly battling within us to live this life around self instead of centered around the only worthy one, Yahweh God. The reason we addressed the heart issue of pride before today’s show is that Pride is the antithesis of humility and the greatest enemy of Christlikeness. Meaning that humility is the greatest characteristic of Christlikeness in our lives.

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When Sin Comes Knocking

How to Avoid and Overcome Temptations

Man in Cave Holding Fire

Are there areas of your life where you seem to have less self-control than others? Tendencies that you know are not good for you, yet you can’t seem to gain victory over them?

Well, you are not alone.

All of us, this side of eternity, will continue to struggle with sin, even though we are born-again believers of Jesus Christ. Even the great apostle Paul struggled with the merry-go-round of sin:

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Chasing Jesus and the American Dream

What If Your Son Grows up the Be the Garbage Man?

Man Reading Business Section

Our country is home to the “American Dream,” the idea that anyone can be anything they want to be, and the opportunity exists for everyone to pursue prosperity and happiness.

As a parent, we often want this same dream for our children. We want to give them a strong foundation, a solid education and an incredible amount of loving support so that they may become all that they were meant to be.

But what if they were made to be a garbage man, a janitor, or a McDonald’s employee?

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SBHH 021: Examining Ourselves Pride Goes Before the Fall

Show 021: Examinig Ourselves Pride Goes Before the Fall

Welcome, Friend. We have spent the last several episodes examining what healthy relationships look like in the areas of Marriage, Friendships, and Parenting. Now, however, we want to take a hard look in the mirror to wrestle through the first and one of the most powerful sins, Pride.

We have all thought to ourselves; so and so is prideful, not realizing all along that our perceptions of prideful people seldom include us.

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