SBHH 022: Humility – The Ultimate Characteristic of Christ

Show 022: Humility - The Ultimate Characteristic of Christ

In our previous show, episode 21, we took a deep look at the pride that is within each of our hearts, constantly battling within us to live this life around self instead of centered around the only worthy one, Yahweh God. The reason we addressed the heart issue of pride before today’s show is that Pride is the antithesis of humility and the greatest enemy of Christlikeness. Meaning that humility is the greatest characteristic of Christlikeness in our lives.

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When Sin Comes Knocking

How to Avoid and Overcome Temptations

Man in Cave Holding Fire

Are there areas of your life where you seem to have less self-control than others? Tendencies that you know are not good for you, yet you can’t seem to gain victory over them?

Well, you are not alone.

All of us, this side of eternity, will continue to struggle with sin, even though we are born-again believers of Jesus Christ. Even the great apostle Paul struggled with the merry-go-round of sin:

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Chasing Jesus and the American Dream

What If Your Son Grows up the Be the Garbage Man?

Man Reading Business Section

Our country is home to the “American Dream,” the idea that anyone can be anything they want to be, and the opportunity exists for everyone to pursue prosperity and happiness.

As a parent, we often want this same dream for our children. We want to give them a strong foundation, a solid education and an incredible amount of loving support so that they may become all that they were meant to be.

But what if they were made to be a garbage man, a janitor, or a McDonald’s employee?

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SBHH 021: Examining Ourselves Pride Goes Before the Fall

Show 021: Examinig Ourselves Pride Goes Before the Fall

Welcome, Friend. We have spent the last several episodes examining what healthy relationships look like in the areas of Marriage, Friendships, and Parenting. Now, however, we want to take a hard look in the mirror to wrestle through the first and one of the most powerful sins, Pride.

We have all thought to ourselves; so and so is prideful, not realizing all along that our perceptions of prideful people seldom include us.

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The Easy Exit

When Divorce Seems Better than Marriage

Broken Exit Sign on the Ground

Today I am speaking to those married women who are in the throes of an unsatisfying and difficult marriage. I want to speak to you who are tired, angry and finally ready to walk away from your marriage.

I want to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you because there was a day when I sat where you now sit and I, too, had finally had enough.

(Please note: I am not speaking to women whose marriages are dangerously unhealthy, where physical or sexual abuse is occurring, or there is a serious threat to you or your children. This encouragement is to women whose marriages are difficult, not dangerous.)

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When You’re a Quitter

Overcoming the Desire to Give Up

Man Staring Over Precipice

We were standing in an empty parking lot, the final stragglers from a local meet-up. Continuing our conversation long after the doors closed, we stood by our car doors, and my good friend listened as I grumbled about the overwhelming season of life in which I found myself.

I steadfastly declared that I would simply quit the most taxing endeavor I was a part of because it was all too much and that was the most expendable option. Quitting made obvious sense and I sighed in relief just thinking about the freedom it would bring.

That is until she looked me right in the eye and said, “You’re a quitter. You quit when things get hard.

“I’m not a quitter,” I replied, with more question than resolve in my voice.

“Yes, you are.”

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SBHH 020: Discussing Healthy Parenting with Melisa Wafford

Show 020: Discussing Healthy Parenting with Melisa Wafford

Welcome, friends! Today’s topic is the final show in a three-part series on what it looks like to have healthy relationships. Today we are discussing the world of parenthood and joining me for this show is my special guest and dear friend, Melisa Wafford.

I have known Melisa for the past four years and in that time, I have gotten to know both her and her family so well. One of the first things that stood out to me when I met their family was their genuine concern for others and the generous, servant spirit each of her kids’ exhibited.

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Time to Homeschool

5 Benefits to Educating Your Students at Home

Young Girl Reading a Book

Before we ever had kids, I mentioned to my husband that I would like to homeschool our children. Not for their entire career but just for middle school. I felt that would be best because middle school is hard and awkward. I thought it would be great to give my kids some extra love, wisdom, and educational adventures during what are typically pretty rough years.

What I did not realize was that my homeschool dream would be bumped up by six years and we would home-educate our oldest son starting in his second semester of kindergarten.

Now, as we prepare to start our fourth full year of home education, I must say, it has been worth the investment and sacrifice. Because, friends, if homeschool moms are honest, there is definitely some sacrificing happening. But it is worth it.

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To Drink or Not to Drink?

Understanding What the Bible Says about Alcohol

Bar with Bottles of Alcohol

For many young Christ-followers, there is a question that is almost taboo to ask in certain Christian circles. Is it wrong to drink?

I think this is both a valid and a fair question, and it deserves a response. So today, we are going to dig into God’s Word and see what it has to say about this whole topic of drinking alcohol.

So, is it wrong to drink alcohol?

In a nutshell, Yes. And no. And maybe.

Yes, It is wrong when:

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Learning to Overcome Insufficiency

Walking through Life with One Another

Group of Friends at the Beach at Sunset

Whether it’s remodeling a house, starting a business or growing a garden, Praise abounds for those do-it-yourselfers out there. However, sometimes, I think we need more “I don’t know” moments and less “I got this” ones.

Tiny little smartphone squares and on-the-go hellos so often encourage us to believe that we need to have our lives together. No gaps. No stutters. No insufficiencies. Especially for others to see.

But, friend, that isn’t real life. Real life is messy. It is hard. And we aren’t equipped in our power to do it all by ourselves. Real life is not DIY.

And honestly, I think that it’s not even close to the life Christ would have us to live.

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