SBHH S216: Forgiveness—Moving Beyond the I’m Sorry

Show S216: Forgiveness—Moving Beyond the I'm Sorry

Today, we are zeroing in on the topic of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a central theme to the Gospel and therefore, as Christ followers, it should be a central theme in our lives. That means we are familiar with the act extending forgiveness and even asking for forgiveness, on the regular.

We all are sinners, and we are all surrounded by other sinners, we live with, work with, hang with and go to church with sinners just like us. And wherever sin is present, the need for forgiveness isn’t far away.

Today, we are going to look at what the Bible says about forgiveness, come to understand its importance in the Gospel, and even take a look at what the practice of extending and asking for forgiveness looks like.

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SBHH S215: When Life Hurts—Understanding God as Our Refuge

Show S215: When Life Hurts—Understanding God as Our Refuge

Today’s topic is hopefully a very sweet word of encouragement for anyone who may be walking through some junk right now. Years ago, I had the chance to attend a lovely women’s bible study group that met every Wednesday morning. In our time together, we would not only share the struggles of life we were encountering, but we would also open up the Bible to see what God had to say on the topic.

This became such a sweet spot for both truth and grace as I was in the middle of a seven-year long prayer. One of the phrases from that study that stayed with me even years beyond was the encouragement to “tuck in” to the Lord in the tough and trying times.

Our leader often referenced this idea. When she would say it, it always came across as this intimate experience with God, and I was always blown away by the intimacy in her voice when she described it. It was like a daughter tucking herself under her father’s arms and wrapped care when danger was present. A safe space where security was high despite whatever turmoil might be surrounding them. I knew I wanted to know the Lord like that.

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SBHH Bonus Episode: Mommy Wars Women’s Round Table

Show Bonus: Mommy Wars Women's Round Table

While there truly are battles to be fought in this life, too often we make mountains out of molehills. Homebirth vs. Hospital Birth, Homeschool vs. Public School, eating habits, clothing choices, the list goes on and on.

Have you ever looked at that other mother and thought, “If she only knew what I knew she’d be doing that differently?”

Maybe you have been on the other side and have the friend who, while well meaning, always has an unsolicited opinion about how you should be raising your family.

Let’s face it you have enough pressures being a mom that you certainly don’t need to borrow any more.

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SBHH S214: Meeting in the Messy Middle

Show S214: Meeting in the Messy Middle

This has been a rather interesting week for me. On Wednesday afternoons, I snag about 15 minutes of time and do a live video called Reset at Rest Time. It’s meant to be a nugget of encouragement for anyone who may need a little spiritual “reset” midweek.

I have had a lot of fun doing them, but on my latest video, as I was sharing, I got super emotional and had myself a sweet little ugly cry LIVE. Let us just say it was awesome and humbling. (You can check it out for yourself).

However, the response to that video has shown me that maybe we all need a little more up close encounters with each other; and that put together and polished isn’t as popular as we think it might be.

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SBHH S213: Make Every Effort – What Jesus Asks of Us

Show S213: Make Every Effort - What Jesus Asks of Us

In (Luke 13:24), Jesus says to “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able.”

I tend to have a spirit of laziness, especially in regards to my day to day life. I’m mainly a stay at home mom, who also works from home and homeschools. So I am home a lot. It is very easy to let self-discipline head out the door and just do enough to get by.

While I strive for excellence in my work, I tend to procrastinate, and honestly, I prefer naps and rest to activity and hustle.

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SBHH S212: Finding Strength Through Surrender

Show S212: Finding Strength Through Surrender

The Christian experience often speaks to us about the idea of “surrender.” Surrendering our will, surrendering to God’s will and more. Yet, it’s rarely a clearly defined term, even in Scripture.

Join me on the show today as we explore the many examples of surrender that Scripture provides us, as well as the hard questions that follow when understanding how to apply the Christlike example of surrender to our lives.

If you tend to resist the idea of surrender and much prefer the comfort of control, then I highly encourage you to lend an ear to the show and allow me to persuade you that there is more strength to be found through surrender than in the control to which we often cling.

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SBHH S211: FOTS—Self-Control an Interview with Rachelle Chase

Show S211: FOTS—Self-control an Interview with Rachelle Chase

Hello, Friends! Welcome once again to She’s Building Her House!

Today marks our final show in our Fruit of the Spirit series that we have been exploring the last eight episodes. Throughout this series, I have interviewed nine incredible women, and each of them has shared how God cultivates these gifts of grace in their hearts and lives.

Today we wrap up the series with my friend Rachelle Chase as we discuss how God desires to cultivate the fruit of self-control in our lives.

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SBHH S210: FOTS—Gentleness an Interview with Abi Craig

Show S210: FOTS—Gentleness an Interview with Abi Craig

Today we are continuing our Fruit of the Spirit series. Throughout the last 7 shows, I have gotten to interview guests about each Fruit of the Spirit as listed in (Galatians 5). Together we have heard stories of how God cultivates each fruit, or gift of grace, in our hearts and lives. On this episode, I have my friend and fellow blogger Abi Craig of Joy in My Kitchen joining us to share the reason God cultivates a heart of gentleness in us and how He can cultivate a gentle spirit through us.

Abi is a blogging full-time, homeschooling momma to five whom God has given the perfect storm at home where she can learn and practice the art of gentleness. Abi shares honestly about the work gentleness requires but also the fruit that God gives in response to our efforts.

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SBHH S209: FOTS—Faithfulness an Interview with Tami Hayhoe

Show S209: FOTS—Faithfulness an Interview with Tami Hayhoe

On today’s show, as we continue our Fruit of the Spirit series, I have my friend Tami Hayhoe joining us to share her story about how God has proven Himself faithful and, in turn, how He has taught her to walk faithfully.

Apart from Christ, we cannot demonstrate unwavering faithfulness; any faithfulness in our stories are a testament to the faithfulness of our God.

With that in mind, listen in as Tami shares her story of walking through difficult seasons of marriage, raising children as a single parent at times and even moving to a new country. Her story is lined with marks of God’s faithfulness and will provide hope for those enduring incredibly hard seasons.

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SBHH S208: FOTS—Goodness an Interview with Wendy Willard

Show S208: FOTS—Goodness an Interview with Wendy Willard

We are once again diving deeper into understanding the Fruit of the Spirit and today marks our sixth show in this series. My guest this week is Wendy Willard of FIT Nicaragua.

I have been watching the work of FIT for the last year and over and over again, I have seen the provision of the Lord for this ministry and the families involved in so many ways.

As I considered the story of this ministry, I kept coming back to the word “good.” That God is good. That God is a good Father who provides. That God gives good gifts to His children.

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