SBHH 014: Faithfulness of God in Real Life Examples

Show 014: Faithfulness of God in Real Life Examples

Welcome to this week’s episode of She’s Building Her House. In this show, Rebecca starts off with a rundown of the “Hall of Faith” from Hebrews 11. There are more than 15 examples of people who followed the Lord’s instruction and walked by faith to the glory of God.

Of course, you might say, “Yeah but these are people from the Bible, I could never be like that!” Well, friends I too have felt that way, so I wanted to share with you some real life examples of the faithfulness of God and the faith of his people.

We start the show with some dear friends and their 10-year journey of seeking God’s face for a child. Jane and Josh Johnson prayed for a decade for God to give them the child they desired. During that time they waited on Him to provide what they knew, he had promised. You can read more about this amazing story of grace on her blog.

We finish with my husband Ben and our story. God took us from our home in Missouri and transplanted us in Kentucky and was faithful. He grew our marriage and brought my husband to salvation through our relationships and Church family here, while being faithful. Now He is taking us back to where we started to a farm in St. Louis all the while showing Himself faithful.

Friend, if you think that only those in the Bible can be examples of great faith I am here to tell you that the God of the Bible is still the God of today. Our faith is and always will be in the One who is faithful. Won’t you look around today for examples of His faithfulness in those around you?

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