SBHH S208: FOTS—Goodness an Interview with Wendy Willard

Show S208: FOTS—Goodness an Interview with Wendy Willard

We are once again diving deeper into understanding the Fruit of the Spirit and today marks our sixth show in this series. My guest this week is Wendy Willard of FIT Nicaragua.

I have been watching the work of FIT for the last year and over and over again, I have seen the provision of the Lord for this ministry and the families involved in so many ways.

As I considered the story of this ministry, I kept coming back to the word “good.” That God is good. That God is a good Father who provides. That God gives good gifts to His children.

Wendy’s story about how God brought her and her family to Nicaragua in 2012, what God reveal once they stayed for a year and how God has continued to provide for them and hundreds of adopting families in Nicaragua is an overwhelming testimony of God’s goodness.

Listen in as Wendy shares the amazing adventure. Some of the highlights from our conversation include:

  • Being willing to go somewhere even without fully understanding what God has for you to do. Which means, being willing to look at little crazy.
  • Believing that God equips you for what He puts before you.
  • Embracing the “Oh Crap” Epiphany.
  • Trusting that even though we don’t know the ending, God does. He knows our story from beginning to end.

To learn more about the ministry work in Nicaragua or how to become involved in orphan care, visit:

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