SBHH S209: FOTS—Faithfulness an Interview with Tami Hayhoe

Show S209: FOTS—Faithfulness an Interview with Tami Hayhoe

On today’s show, as we continue our Fruit of the Spirit series, I have my friend Tami Hayhoe joining us to share her story about how God has proven Himself faithful and, in turn, how He has taught her to walk faithfully.

Apart from Christ, we cannot demonstrate unwavering faithfulness; any faithfulness in our stories are a testament to the faithfulness of our God.

With that in mind, listen in as Tami shares her story of walking through difficult seasons of marriage, raising children as a single parent at times and even moving to a new country. Her story is lined with marks of God’s faithfulness and will provide hope for those enduring incredibly hard seasons.

Tami will share:

  • What kept her moving forward, even on the hardest of days
  • Some of the lies she encountered on her journey
  • Crucial bible verses that helped keep her head and heart from growing bitter
  • Wisdom for women who may be encountering a similar experience in marriage

We pray you are encouraged by this testimony of God’s faithfulness so that you to can build your house well, Friend.

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