SBHH S210: FOTS—Gentleness an Interview with Abi Craig

Show S210: FOTS—Gentleness an Interview with Abi Craig

Today we are continuing our Fruit of the Spirit series. Throughout the last 7 shows, I have gotten to interview guests about each Fruit of the Spirit as listed in (Galatians 5). Together we have heard stories of how God cultivates each fruit, or gift of grace, in our hearts and lives. On this episode, I have my friend and fellow blogger Abi Craig of Joy in My Kitchen joining us to share the reason God cultivates a heart of gentleness in us and how He can cultivate a gentle spirit through us.

Abi is a blogging full-time, homeschooling momma to five whom God has given the perfect storm at home where she can learn and practice the art of gentleness. Abi shares honestly about the work gentleness requires but also the fruit that God gives in response to our efforts.

On the practical side, Abi encourages us with a few questions to evaluate the gentleness level of our hearts, including:

  • Taking an honest inventory of our lives and asking, “where am I not gentle?”
  • Where do I respond harshly?

Abi also references three key Scriptures in helping us filter our attitudes and responses, especially in regards to those in our homes:

  • (Proverbs 15:1)
  • (Proverbs 16:32)
  • (James 2:13)

Finally, from Abi’s own blog, she offers us two additional posts regarding our words and the spirit of gentleness that God wants to grow in our lives:

I am so thankful that cultivating a spirit of gentleness isn’t dependent on our own power but instead on the power of the Holy Spirit within us. Thank you for joining in with us today. I pray you are as encouraged as I was.

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