SBHH S215: When Life Hurts—Understanding God as Our Refuge

Show S215: When Life Hurts—Understanding God as Our Refuge

Today’s topic is hopefully a very sweet word of encouragement for anyone who may be walking through some junk right now. Years ago, I had the chance to attend a lovely women’s bible study group that met every Wednesday morning. In our time together, we would not only share the struggles of life we were encountering, but we would also open up the Bible to see what God had to say on the topic.

This became such a sweet spot for both truth and grace as I was in the middle of a seven-year long prayer. One of the phrases from that study that stayed with me even years beyond was the encouragement to “tuck in” to the Lord in the tough and trying times.

Our leader often referenced this idea. When she would say it, it always came across as this intimate experience with God, and I was always blown away by the intimacy in her voice when she described it. It was like a daughter tucking herself under her father’s arms and wrapped care when danger was present. A safe space where security was high despite whatever turmoil might be surrounding them. I knew I wanted to know the Lord like that.

I came to love this imagery and found myself often thinking about it when times got hard or when life got lonely, or I seemed to be in a place of hurt.

That is where I want to go with you today, my friends. I want to explore this idea of tucking into the Lord, hiding in his shadow, understanding what it means for God to be our refuge.

I want to wrap up with some encouragement for those of you who not only need to know that you can tuck into the Lord right now, but also for those who need to keep persevering in pressing into Him because you are in hard seasons of waiting for your answer to a very long prayer.

Key verses about God as my refuge:

  • Psalm 91
  • Psalm 5:11
  • Psalm 17:8
  • Psalm 57:1

For those of you who are waiting for an answer that feels so very far from coming to you, I want to personally offer the promise of )Joel 2:25):

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…”

Friends, I can offer you that promise because, after seven years of waiting, I saw God redeem those lost years and repay manifold in my own story.

The locusts did not eat the years – the locusts ate the fruits of the years’ labor – the harvests of the fields. So the meaning of the restoration of the years must be a restoration of those fruits and of those harvests which the locusts consumed. You cannot have back your time. But there is a strange and wonderful way in which God can give back to you the wasted blessings, the unripened fruits of years over which you mourned. The fruits of wasted years may yet be yours.Charles Spurgeon

Friends, we are never far from His hand. When we tuck in, under the shadow of His wings, seeking Him as our refuge, we are protected, despite the turmoil, despite the hurt, despite the waiting.

You are loved. You are always welcome under His wings. And your waiting is not for nothing; the Lord will redeem what has been lost in these years.

If you can identify with any part of this lesson, then I highly recommend you check out the devotional by L. B. Cowman “Streams in the Desert.” It is full of wisdom that will carry you through some of the loneliest, hardest seasons.

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