SBHH S216: Forgiveness—Moving Beyond the I’m Sorry

Show S216: Forgiveness—Moving Beyond the I'm Sorry

Today, we are zeroing in on the topic of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a central theme to the Gospel and therefore, as Christ followers, it should be a central theme in our lives. That means we are familiar with the act extending forgiveness and even asking for forgiveness, on the regular.

We all are sinners, and we are all surrounded by other sinners, we live with, work with, hang with and go to church with sinners just like us. And wherever sin is present, the need for forgiveness isn’t far away.

Today, we are going to look at what the Bible says about forgiveness, come to understand its importance in the Gospel, and even take a look at what the practice of extending and asking for forgiveness looks like.

Forgiveness is and has always been about the reconciliation and restoration of a relationship. This principle is not just a God concept; it is a relational concept. Sin breaks fellowship and communion, both with God and also between people. So whenever we sin against someone else, or they sin against us, a break occurs in our relationship with them. The deeper the hurt, the greater the gap.

So for the restoration to happen between people or between God & people, sin must first be recognized and addressed. Always! You must deal with the sin.

That means sin must be confessed and even repented of for the process of forgiveness to happen. It must be so because forgiveness and repentance are Gospel companions. They always have been.

Today’s Bible Texts

  • Luke 24:46-47
  • 1 John 1:9

On today’s show we explore:

  • How forgiveness affects our relationship with God and people.
  • What forgiveness extended looks like.
  • What forgiveness requested looks like.
  • How to respond if someone won’t forgive you, if someone won’t ask to repent or if someone keeps repeating the same offense.

Friends, forgiveness is beautiful, and it brings such freedom to our hearts, our lives and our relationships with others. It is not easy. It often can be awkward, and it is humbling because repentance has to be a part of it. Addressing sin is never fun, but when God reconciles and redeems, that is amazing.

I pray that this episode has been encouraging and of great benefit to wherever you are right now. For a helpful worksheet, print off this Freedom through Forgiveness resource.

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