The Midnight Shift

Even Homemakers Pull All Nighters

Baby Resting In Mothers Arms

Last night, I worked the midnight shift.

This time, it was because our toddler was sick and the vomit kept coming, and Daddy was away on business. I found myself catching sickness with a towel, then washing bedding at 10:00 pm then again at 11:30 pm, followed by a mostly-awake sleep on the floor by his bed.

When you become a mom, there is little preparation for what it takes to handle the midnight shift well. With all its surprises, emotions and immediately on-call moments, it can be quite the exhausting endeavor.

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Hand Me Down Wisdom

Top 5 Parenting Life Hacks

Stack of Kids Books

When I was a new mom, I felt so under-qualified for the role given to me.

It was now my full-time responsibility to care for a baby; and not just any baby, but my baby. I was now in charge of changing diapers, nourishing and even shepherding this little life.

For someone who wasn’t the most natural, award-winning babysitter, this concept was a little overwhelming for me. Heck, I could barely keep houseplants alive; now I had to care for a tiny human too.

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Parenting with Perseverance

Encouragement for the Weary Mom

Child tending to a garden

Momma, today may be the day when you are more than ready to throw in the towel. Your energy, your patience, and your overall sanity are tapped out, and if reinforcements don’t arrive soon, one of you may not make it to dinnertime alive.

If this is you, then weary momma, reinforcements have arrived!

Put those littles in the pack-n-play and take a moment to yourself because here are five reminders from God’s Word to help you keep persevering in this race called Parenthood.

  1. God has marked this race out for you.

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Babies Don’t Keep

Things I wish I knew as a first time momma

Today was a hard day. Our baby-turning-toddler has been refusing to sleep, both at night and at nap time. The rainy days keep piling on, which, in turn, wear thin the patience and imagination of the big kids. Daddy had an overnight travel and I am attempting to eat better & exercise more (which simply translates into I’m hungry and not happy). I tell you this so you know that I need this reminder too.

Our baby boy turns one in less than a week – and I keep catching myself wondering where on earth those months, those 365 days, went.
Babies don’t keep. I understand that simple statement far better now than I ever did in those early years with our oldest. If I had to do it all over again, this is what I would say to the first-time-mommy version of me (and to you).

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More than Enough

A Lesson in Contentment


My days are filled with broken arms, baby dolls and butt paste. Yup, butt paste. But please hear this: that is neither a complaint nor a banner of glory. It is simply a description of what my life looks like right now, in this moment. Literally, our son has a freshly broken arm, our daughter wanted to play babies today and our baby has a diaper rash!

You see, God has been teaching me about contentment. And apparently it cannot be found in yesterday’s achievement or in tomorrow’s plan – it is something seen and recognized right here, in this breath.

Contentment is quiet and easily missed;

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