Tis Better to Receive

Learning to Embrace Our Need for God

Hand Showing Off Gift Box

You’ve heard the saying that it is better to give than to receive, but today I want to challenge you that the opposite may actually be true.

Not because the saying isn’t biblical (it is) but rather to reveal if your “gift of giving” may hinder your ability to receive.

Our culture loves to pride itself on how capable we are, how much we give to others and how good we can be. But, if we take in account Scripture and especially the teachings of Jesus, then we are faced with the reality that it may not about what we give, but instead what we receive.

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How to Walk Out an Abundant Life

Enjoying the Promises of Jesus in the Bible

Fisherman in boat off the shore

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” We sing these words in Sunday school as little children, and later we rock our kids to sleep with the same sweet promises.But, do we believe them? When the days are hard and long when trials and seasons of suffering are our reality, do we honestly conclude that Jesus loves us?

I think we can believe that He does. I think, sweet sister, we can not only believe that He loves us, but we can also rely on the promises of Jesus found throughout the Bible.

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Pop Tarts & Precepts

Learning How to Read My Bible Well

Bible on a Table with a Coffee Cup

Although I have been a believer in Jesus since my teens, it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I learned how to study my Bible well. Oh, I would read it! I would spend time in the mornings reading God’s Word, along with a 5-minute devotional that helped me find new passages of encouragement. But studying it? Digging into life-shaping truths and studying passages cohesively? I hadn’t ever done that. I simply didn’t know how. So I looked to daily devotionals to provide me with what I was missing from my two-verse-readings to help me get through my day. But, like a pop tart for breakfast, the sustenance it provided would wear off long before my day ended.

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