Gossip Girl

Avoiding the Trap of Gossip

Girls Telling a Secret

I have a confession to make.

I am a gossip.

Seriously. I am a nosey busybody who wants the latest dirt on everybody who is anybody.

At first, it may sound a little silly to confess this to you but I am realizing that just because gossip is more of a “respectable sin” doesn’t make it any less hurtful or less ugly.

Sin is sin, and allowing gossip to breed in my heart is a subtle way to let the enemy sneak in and kill, steal and destroy from the relationships in my life. And I don’t want to do that anymore.

Over and over again in the last few months, God has been peeling back the layers of my gossiping heart to show me just how deep this sin runs in myself. And, friends, it. is. ugly.

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Enjoying Your Marriage

7 Tips for a More Satisfying Marriage

husband and wife sharing a kiss

Every bride dreams of living “happily ever after.” But few of us know how to get there. In our ten years of marriage, I have discovered seven inside tips to help other couples enjoy marriage more.

  1. Move away

    Seven years ago, we had the opportunity to move six hours away from all we had ever known as home. The most common response from older couples was “I am so excited for you.” They knew something we didn’t.

    When you move away from home and those comfortable relationships, all you have left is each other. You will find yourself clinging more tightly to one another and forging a brand-new identity together that would have been hard-pressed to do back “home.”

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How to Outsmart Your SmartPhone

5 Quick Changes to Keep Your Phone from Controlling Your Life

Old phones hanging on a wall

Phones. They are amazing little creatures nowadays, aren’t they? From the palm of our hand (or the tap on our watch), we can find the answer to practically anything, figure out directions to practically anywhere and connect with essentially anyone.

With one swipe of the finger, we can engage in a world far more exciting than the awkward waiting room or the discouraging reality around us. For all the conveniences this technology affords us, I believe our smartphones and devices are leaving us ever more distracted and disconnected with the world right in front of us.

We are missing the excitement of our children, the hurting heart of a stranger and the chance meeting of a new friend because the glowing screen in our hands blinds our eyes.

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Helping My Son to Be a Winner

What I Learned from Little League Baseball Practice

baseball player holding bat

Our oldest son had his first baseball practice last week. He has been eagerly awaiting this day for “his WHOLE life.” Emphasis his.

Last fall, we bought him a glove and a baseball. For Christmas, he got a bat. On March 1st, we forked over the cash and registered him for a team. The next day, we got confirmation that he was officially a Diamondback little leaguer.

Throughout that time, we have been doing our best to practice in the backyard – play catch, run bases, hit off a tee, and simulate some fielding. But secretly, as parents and former competitive athletes, we knew that our 9-year-old son was far from ready for the baseball field. But we showed up to practice on Monday night regardless and hoped for the best.

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The Most Helpful Words Our Toddler Knows

The Language of Littles

Scrabble Words

Have you ever tried communicating with a person who speaks another language? Hand motions, smiles, head nods and the word for bathroom or thank you can only get you so far. Eventually, you hit a point when the conversation diminishes because you simply cannot fully understand one another. Now imagine the person you are communicating with is under the age of two. The power of language is simply beyond measure!

We are on our third kiddo and our hope is that we are growing in wisdom and tact in our parenting measures with this one. (We have already told our oldest that he is simply the guinea pig for our parenting methods and have given him our deepest apologies on the forefront. We are saving now for his future counseling sessions.)

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