Food is Fuel, Not Friend

Overcoming Our Obsession with Food

Pancakes Being Buttered

Something is comforting, not in the calories, but in the companionship, food can provide.

When life is good, we celebrate with ice cream, and when life is bad, we cope with brownies.

Any day can feel familiar and lovely when coupled with the coziness of Grandma’s recipes or the warmth of your favorite meal with your favorite people.

Although for all the goodness offered to us through food, it can also become something it was never intended to be, a friend.

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Fat is a Feeling

Why We Struggle in Weight Loss

Running Down Hill

After 14 hours sitting sedentary in a car and logging hundreds of miles of fast food and soda pop, I looked into the hotel mirror that night and saw the worst version of myself. Greasy hair, muffin top belly, and a blotchy, pimpled face.

“Disgusting. I feel so disgusting,” is all I could think.

For the remainder of that day, all I felt was unattractive. Fat and unattractive.

Fast forward 12 hours + a solid night’s rest. The morning greets me at 6:00 a.m. and I head to the same hotel’s weight room for a 30-minute run on the treadmill. When I return to our room, I look in the same mirror. Staring back at me is the woman from the day before, sweaty, stinky and make-up less. Yet, this woman looks different. She doesn’t seem fat at all. She seems strong, capable and full of life.

My muffin top was still there. The adolescent-type pimples hadn’t disappeared overnight. I still hadn’t showered. So, what in the world had changed that I viewed myself so differently within just 12 hours?

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Looking Good Naked

Honest Motivation for Pursing a Healthy Lifestyle

self image of woman

Last year, I joined a fitness movement called Fit by First and loved the community, accountability, and encouragement that came into my inbox every day from Carlos Whittaker. He made getting healthy simple. At-home workouts, easy-to-incorporate eating strategies and a hashtag movement that helped you see that you were not alone in your fitness endeavors. How could I not succeed, right?

Early on, Los (as he goes by) encourages participants to write out their three why’s. These why’s will become the motivation, you keep going back to when you want NOT to do the daily workout or when you’d rather say yes to putting that brownie in your pie hole. These are the foundation for your success. Success here I come!

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