The Easy Exit

When Divorce Seems Better than Marriage

Broken Exit Sign on the Ground

Today I am speaking to those married women who are in the throes of an unsatisfying and difficult marriage. I want to speak to you who are tired, angry and finally ready to walk away from your marriage.

I want to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you because there was a day when I sat where you now sit and I, too, had finally had enough.

(Please note: I am not speaking to women whose marriages are dangerously unhealthy, where physical or sexual abuse is occurring, or there is a serious threat to you or your children. This encouragement is to women whose marriages are difficult, not dangerous.)

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Enjoying Your Marriage

7 Tips for a More Satisfying Marriage

husband and wife sharing a kiss

Every bride dreams of living “happily ever after.” But few of us know how to get there. In our ten years of marriage, I have discovered seven inside tips to help other couples enjoy marriage more.

  1. Move away

    Seven years ago, we had the opportunity to move six hours away from all we had ever known as home. The most common response from older couples was “I am so excited for you.” They knew something we didn’t.

    When you move away from home and those comfortable relationships, all you have left is each other. You will find yourself clinging more tightly to one another and forging a brand-new identity together that would have been hard-pressed to do back “home.”

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My Husband Thinks I’m Sexy

Even if I Don't

husband and wife

Wives ‘n Mommas , this one is for you. Just over ten months ago, we welcomed our third baby; and, as with his two older siblings, my body has morphed into different shapes and sizes throughout that 19 month process, which I will affectionately call the “Triple P” – The Pregnancy & Postpartum Process.

The Triple P does incredible things for our bodies and our self-images. My belly has grown out, in and, now, down. My boobs have (or will) do the same, just in a slightly different order – out, down and in; “in” referring to the deflated (and sometimes concave) shape that apparently occurs to previously small chested women after breastfeeding. Side note: a deflated emotion may also occur to said women as previously small chested women are known to have overly enjoyed the glory days of having legit boobs while breastfeeding. But I digress.

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