The Everyday Missionary

Living Missionally Right Where You Are

View From Front Porch

You, my friend, are a missionary.

You may not have had to move to a faraway country or raise financial support, but you have been strategically placed by God to live intentionally in the very community you are in right now.

You may not be an official missionary in the traditional sense of the word, but you are indeed an everyday one. You are an everyday missionary, and God has placed you in your corner of the world for a purpose.

And I believe that purpose is to love God and love people with everything you have. (Mark 12:29-31)

You may be thinking, who me? I am not a missionary. I’m not married to a pastor; I didn’t go to seminary. Heck! I’m not even a small group leader.

To that, I say, Perfect! Because God’s Word doesn’t call people to do any of those things.

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Making Mr. Right

3 Steps to Helping Your Husband Become Awesome

Man and Woman Feet on a Wooden Pier

When Cupid strikes, and we’ve been bitten hard by the love bug, few things can dissuade us from seeing all the wonderful attributes about our new significant other. We are in “love” (say that with all the dripping sappiness you can muster) and we don’t care who knows it.

Yet, once we say “I do” and the honeymoon has passed, real life has a funny way of dulling our appreciation for all those quirky habits, and instead we find our senses heightened to the frustrating behaviors of our new spouse.

If you’ve become less than smitten with the awesomeness of your husband, then today is perfect for you because here are my three simple steps to helping your husband be the man you’ve always wanted him to become.

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Be the Helpers

A Call to Action in Light of Orlando

Flower of Friendship

I was on Facebook today. The deluge of information, opinions, support and hatred is vast. At times, it can be overwhelming.

This week it centers around Orlando. Last week it was about a collegiate criminal.

Despite my strong feelings on many of these topics, I typically choose to remain silent on the interwebs about such things because I do not believe I need to add to the noise that so many are already sifting through as they try to process, understand or even grieve.

But today, I saw something that was powerful enough to move me to speak.

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Finishing Well

Crossing the Finish Line with Excellence

Woman Jogging Along A River

You see it, the white line that marks the end of the race. It is looming just ahead. It’s so close.

But your feet hurt, your body aches, and mentally you just don’t know if you can even take one more step. You are ready to be done.

You may be prepping your cap and gown or signing the last permission slips of the school year. You may be the teacher just as ready for summer as your students or the employee who just turned in her two-week notice at the office.

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Mom, You Matter

Nothing Says Loving Like Mother


Mom, you matter. And as you brush her tangled hair, pack his lunch or kiss another boo-boo, remember this truth about your role – it’s not just about what you do as a mom, it’s about who you are as you do it

Yes, I know. It can be tiring, redundant and frustrating. But with every aggravated “what,” every over-extended sigh and every angry yell, we are teaching our kids how to react, respond and treat those we love the most. This will be the foundation of their actions for, quite possibly, the majority of their lives.

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