How to Holiday Well

Finding Grace in the Holiday Hustle

Christmas Wreath on a Window

The beautifully wrapped packages, the gorgeously decorated tree, the perfectly prepared meal. This time of year we all begin to make our dream lists about creating the warmest of holiday celebrations for our families.

While the details of our visions may vary, our hopes are similar. We want those who fill our homes over the holidays to feel loved, welcomed, and celebrated, with nothing missing from the picture perfect vision in our heads.

And so we hustle to the stores, bustle around the kitchen, and keep our hands busy prepping and planning so that the holidays can be all they were meant to be.

But, friends, have you ever felt harried by the holiday hustle? Does the stress of meal planning, house tidying, gift buying, and guest hosting wear you thin rather than fill you up?

If so, then I am here to tell you that you are not the only one.

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When People Frustrate You

Jesus' 4 Keys to Dealing with Conflict

man and woman hugging

Ugh. I was so frustrated. My husband and I were having a bit of a disagreement, and I wanted nothing more than to ignore him until he apologized.

I was obviously right and therefore, he was obviously wrong, so really, all I needed to do was wait for him to see his error and come humbly to ask my forgiveness.

If you have ever had a spat with your significant other or clashed with your co-worker, then you are painfully aware of everything wrong with my haughty little mindset in this situation. And Jesus loved me too much to let me sit in that pride so in my very next quiet time with Him, I found myself in the middle of Luke 6.

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How to Be a Good Friend

A Friend worth Making a Bracelet For

toddlers showing friendship arm around each other

Sometimes friends come into your life that you didn’t actually know you were missing. Like a new brand of jeans that you never tried before, you may be at first skeptical; but once they are washed and worn, you never wear anything else. That’s how it is with an accidental awesome friendship.

One day, you are crossing paths here and there; the next day, she’s inviting you over to her home for a hang out; within a few months, you are dropping by unexpectedly and walking into each other’s houses with a simple knock and turn of the handle.

I hope you have one of these friends because they are so vintage – hip, funky and the best of their kind.

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