Country Club Christianity

Living Outside Our Comfort Zone

Outside of Church Building

For many of us, becoming a Christian and joining a church is a lot like getting invited to a country club.

We sign up on a little card, are handed instant “community” within the group and are even given a calendar full of all the ways to become involved.

We receive a place at the table of doing, serving and attending. We meet up for regular gatherings that make us feel good, feel loved and feel accepted.

Yet, despite the all-inclusive aspects of this new life, something is missing. Something is lacking.

After years of attending, doing and serving, we find that we don’t know Jesus more intimately than we did that first day we prayed and asked Him into our lives.

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Maximizing Your Singleness

5 Benefits of Not Being Married Right Now

Woman crossing a bridge alone

As a little girl, so many of us dream of the big day when we get to walk down the aisle in our beautiful white wedding dress. But sometime in our 20’s, something happens.

Two types of women seem to emerge at this time those who have a ring on their finger and those who don’t. All of a sudden, life becomes “Say Yes to the Dress” and you are either the excited one trying on dresses or you’re the one always on the couch.

If you feel like you’re the only one in your newsfeed without a significant other, let me encourage you with five amazing benefits to being single and how you can maximize this season of life.

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