Time to Homeschool

5 Benefits to Educating Your Students at Home

Young Girl Reading a Book

Before we ever had kids, I mentioned to my husband that I would like to homeschool our children. Not for their entire career but just for middle school. I felt that would be best because middle school is hard and awkward. I thought it would be great to give my kids some extra love, wisdom, and educational adventures during what are typically pretty rough years.

What I did not realize was that my homeschool dream would be bumped up by six years and we would home-educate our oldest son starting in his second semester of kindergarten.

Now, as we prepare to start our fourth full year of home education, I must say, it has been worth the investment and sacrifice. Because, friends, if homeschool moms are honest, there is definitely some sacrificing happening. But it is worth it.

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Raising Rude Kids

6 Manners That Matter

Mother and Daughter Sharing Coffee

Kids really can say the darndest things. But sometimes, what can come out of our kids’ mouths is more rude than funny. As parents, we are often faced with the reality that we are raising little sinners rather than little angels.

My husband and I want our kids to be educated, well-rounded and successful, but more so, we want kids that are kind. We want our children to become teenagers and eventually adults who are considerate, thoughtful and intentional about their words and their actions, especially as it affects other people.

However, if we want to reap kindness in our grown children, then we need to sow kindness into their hearts when they are still little before they intentionally say the darndest things.

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The Midnight Shift

Even Homemakers Pull All Nighters

Baby Resting In Mothers Arms

Last night, I worked the midnight shift.

This time, it was because our toddler was sick and the vomit kept coming, and Daddy was away on business. I found myself catching sickness with a towel, then washing bedding at 10:00 pm then again at 11:30 pm, followed by a mostly-awake sleep on the floor by his bed.

When you become a mom, there is little preparation for what it takes to handle the midnight shift well. With all its surprises, emotions and immediately on-call moments, it can be quite the exhausting endeavor.

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Hand Me Down Wisdom

Top 5 Parenting Life Hacks

Stack of Kids Books

When I was a new mom, I felt so under-qualified for the role given to me.

It was now my full-time responsibility to care for a baby; and not just any baby, but my baby. I was now in charge of changing diapers, nourishing and even shepherding this little life.

For someone who wasn’t the most natural, award-winning babysitter, this concept was a little overwhelming for me. Heck, I could barely keep houseplants alive; now I had to care for a tiny human too.

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If There is Anything Praiseworthy

A Mother's Day Encouragement

Mother and daughter walking on a dock

I’m going to be gut-level honest with you. I have not always enjoyed Mother’s Day.

There were years where I dreaded walking down the card aisle. Row after row of sweet pink and fluffy cards that spouted words of maternal adoration were a little overwhelming for me.

You see, my mom and I didn’t exactly have a pink and fluffy relationship. It was black and white for the majority of my childhood. So Mother’s Day was hard because there were rarely cards that conveyed the genuine nature of our relationship with both truth and love.

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Parenting with Perseverance

Encouragement for the Weary Mom

Child tending to a garden

Momma, today may be the day when you are more than ready to throw in the towel. Your energy, your patience, and your overall sanity are tapped out, and if reinforcements don’t arrive soon, one of you may not make it to dinnertime alive.

If this is you, then weary momma, reinforcements have arrived!

Put those littles in the pack-n-play and take a moment to yourself because here are five reminders from God’s Word to help you keep persevering in this race called Parenthood.

  1. God has marked this race out for you.

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How to Outsmart Your SmartPhone

5 Quick Changes to Keep Your Phone from Controlling Your Life

Old phones hanging on a wall

Phones. They are amazing little creatures nowadays, aren’t they? From the palm of our hand (or the tap on our watch), we can find the answer to practically anything, figure out directions to practically anywhere and connect with essentially anyone.

With one swipe of the finger, we can engage in a world far more exciting than the awkward waiting room or the discouraging reality around us. For all the conveniences this technology affords us, I believe our smartphones and devices are leaving us ever more distracted and disconnected with the world right in front of us.

We are missing the excitement of our children, the hurting heart of a stranger and the chance meeting of a new friend because the glowing screen in our hands blinds our eyes.

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Mom, You Matter

Nothing Says Loving Like Mother


Mom, you matter. And as you brush her tangled hair, pack his lunch or kiss another boo-boo, remember this truth about your role – it’s not just about what you do as a mom, it’s about who you are as you do it

Yes, I know. It can be tiring, redundant and frustrating. But with every aggravated “what,” every over-extended sigh and every angry yell, we are teaching our kids how to react, respond and treat those we love the most. This will be the foundation of their actions for, quite possibly, the majority of their lives.

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The Most Helpful Words Our Toddler Knows

The Language of Littles

Scrabble Words

Have you ever tried communicating with a person who speaks another language? Hand motions, smiles, head nods and the word for bathroom or thank you can only get you so far. Eventually, you hit a point when the conversation diminishes because you simply cannot fully understand one another. Now imagine the person you are communicating with is under the age of two. The power of language is simply beyond measure!

We are on our third kiddo and our hope is that we are growing in wisdom and tact in our parenting measures with this one. (We have already told our oldest that he is simply the guinea pig for our parenting methods and have given him our deepest apologies on the forefront. We are saving now for his future counseling sessions.)

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