If There is Anything Praiseworthy

A Mother's Day Encouragement

Mother and daughter walking on a dock

I’m going to be gut-level honest with you. I have not always enjoyed Mother’s Day.

There were years where I dreaded walking down the card aisle. Row after row of sweet pink and fluffy cards that spouted words of maternal adoration were a little overwhelming for me.

You see, my mom and I didn’t exactly have a pink and fluffy relationship. It was black and white for the majority of my childhood. So Mother’s Day was hard because there were rarely cards that conveyed the genuine nature of our relationship with both truth and love.

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I Did Not Sign up for This!

Encouragement for when life gets overwhelming

The day started off swell, just like any other day.  Big boy and baby boy were smiling way before 7:00 a.m. My attempt at a full shower (one where I actually have time to shampoo, condition AND shave) was interrupted due to separation anxiety about the time the loofah was foamy with soap and promptly ended with me stepping out of the shower to towel dry my sopping wet bod with a wee one in my arms.  Let’s just say it was downhill from there.

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