The Ultimate Christmas List

Top 10 Must Haves This Christmas

Feet in Front of Christmas Presents

‘Tis the season for wish lists and gift giving. And all around the interwebs, you can find ways to fill both needs.

However, even throughout the year, each of us has an additional wish list that we aren’t necessarily sharing with others; almost an unspoken wish list, if you will.

Things that even money can’t buy. Heart level things.

Like the mending of a hurtful relationship with your mother or father. Or the opportunity to finally quit your job and pursue something you love. Or the relentless longing for a child to fill your heart and home.

We may gather round dinner tables or smile across the church aisle over the next few weeks as if all is merry and bright, but deep down, many of us are wishing for something far more grand than a beautifully wrapped present under a tree.

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A Life Well Spent

4 Tips to Better Budgeting

Little Pink Piggie Bank

Friends, I am no Dave Ramsey. But I am married to a man who saves like he is preparing for The Great Depression.

In our ten years of marriage, he has helped me rein in my frivolous spending habits, appreciate the beauty of having a budget and become more creative with meeting our family’s needs.

If you tend to be more “Spender” than “Saver” as well, here are my four easy tips to better budgeting.

4 Tips to Better Budgeting

What You Have vs What You Need

Take a few minutes and look at your pay stubs. How much money do you bring home each month? Most of us only know what we get paid each hour we work, but rarely do we know precisely how much follows us home. This is important! All other spending decisions you make will be based on one simple fact, how much money you truly make.

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Maximizing Your Singleness

5 Benefits of Not Being Married Right Now

Woman crossing a bridge alone

As a little girl, so many of us dream of the big day when we get to walk down the aisle in our beautiful white wedding dress. But sometime in our 20’s, something happens.

Two types of women seem to emerge at this time those who have a ring on their finger and those who don’t. All of a sudden, life becomes “Say Yes to the Dress” and you are either the excited one trying on dresses or you’re the one always on the couch.

If you feel like you’re the only one in your newsfeed without a significant other, let me encourage you with five amazing benefits to being single and how you can maximize this season of life.

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How to Enjoy a Job You Hate

4 Strategies For Workplace Success

Dull and Dreary Work Environment

It’s Monday morning. Your alarm has already been snoozed one too many times, so you flop your feet onto the floor and think to yourself, “I hate my life.”

In reality, though, you don’t hate your life. You hate your job.

The meaningless work. Your frustrating boss. The never-ending days. You find yourself wishing every week away, just trying to make it to the freedom of the weekend.

If this is you, then I want to share four simple strategies that can help transform the way you view your job so you can reap all the goodness God has for you in this season.

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Helping My Son to Be a Winner

What I Learned from Little League Baseball Practice

baseball player holding bat

Our oldest son had his first baseball practice last week. He has been eagerly awaiting this day for “his WHOLE life.” Emphasis his.

Last fall, we bought him a glove and a baseball. For Christmas, he got a bat. On March 1st, we forked over the cash and registered him for a team. The next day, we got confirmation that he was officially a Diamondback little leaguer.

Throughout that time, we have been doing our best to practice in the backyard – play catch, run bases, hit off a tee, and simulate some fielding. But secretly, as parents and former competitive athletes, we knew that our 9-year-old son was far from ready for the baseball field. But we showed up to practice on Monday night regardless and hoped for the best.

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I Did Not Sign up for This!

Encouragement for when life gets overwhelming

The day started off swell, just like any other day.  Big boy and baby boy were smiling way before 7:00 a.m. My attempt at a full shower (one where I actually have time to shampoo, condition AND shave) was interrupted due to separation anxiety about the time the loofah was foamy with soap and promptly ended with me stepping out of the shower to towel dry my sopping wet bod with a wee one in my arms.  Let’s just say it was downhill from there.

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