Hand Me Down Wisdom

Top 5 Parenting Life Hacks

Stack of Kids Books

When I was a new mom, I felt so under-qualified for the role given to me.

It was now my full-time responsibility to care for a baby; and not just any baby, but my baby. I was now in charge of changing diapers, nourishing and even shepherding this little life.

For someone who wasn’t the most natural, award-winning babysitter, this concept was a little overwhelming for me. Heck, I could barely keep houseplants alive; now I had to care for a tiny human too.

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The Most Helpful Words Our Toddler Knows

The Language of Littles

Scrabble Words

Have you ever tried communicating with a person who speaks another language? Hand motions, smiles, head nods and the word for bathroom or thank you can only get you so far. Eventually, you hit a point when the conversation diminishes because you simply cannot fully understand one another. Now imagine the person you are communicating with is under the age of two. The power of language is simply beyond measure!

We are on our third kiddo and our hope is that we are growing in wisdom and tact in our parenting measures with this one. (We have already told our oldest that he is simply the guinea pig for our parenting methods and have given him our deepest apologies on the forefront. We are saving now for his future counseling sessions.)

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