Raising Rude Kids

6 Manners That Matter

Mother and Daughter Sharing Coffee

Kids really can say the darndest things. But sometimes, what can come out of our kids’ mouths is more rude than funny. As parents, we are often faced with the reality that we are raising little sinners rather than little angels.

My husband and I want our kids to be educated, well-rounded and successful, but more so, we want kids that are kind. We want our children to become teenagers and eventually adults who are considerate, thoughtful and intentional about their words and their actions, especially as it affects other people.

However, if we want to reap kindness in our grown children, then we need to sow kindness into their hearts when they are still little before they intentionally say the darndest things.

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Sunshine Playdates

Four Steps to a Less Frazzled Mind

Playing with Sidewalk Chalk

“Sit, Momma,” he said, as his tiny toddler hand patted the ground beside him. “Sit.”

The week was growing more stressful by the minute and deadlines were fast approaching. I had grown impatient, and my frustration level was high. However, at 4 o’clock on this weekday afternoon, I found myself stuck outside in the warmth of the sun with the cool breeze blowing by, instead of inside productively tackling my to-do list. Counterintuitively, though, I obeyed my toddler’s request and sat down.

For 20 minutes, I simply sat and drew childish art with my son. No expectations. No deadlines. No stress. I needed a mental break from the waves of responsibility that were overtaking me and it came in the form of an impromptu play date with my toddler and his sidewalk chalk.

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The Most Helpful Words Our Toddler Knows

The Language of Littles

Scrabble Words

Have you ever tried communicating with a person who speaks another language? Hand motions, smiles, head nods and the word for bathroom or thank you can only get you so far. Eventually, you hit a point when the conversation diminishes because you simply cannot fully understand one another. Now imagine the person you are communicating with is under the age of two. The power of language is simply beyond measure!

We are on our third kiddo and our hope is that we are growing in wisdom and tact in our parenting measures with this one. (We have already told our oldest that he is simply the guinea pig for our parenting methods and have given him our deepest apologies on the forefront. We are saving now for his future counseling sessions.)

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