The Easy Exit

When Divorce Seems Better than Marriage

Broken Exit Sign on the Ground

Today I am speaking to those married women who are in the throes of an unsatisfying and difficult marriage. I want to speak to you who are tired, angry and finally ready to walk away from your marriage.

I want to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you because there was a day when I sat where you now sit and I, too, had finally had enough.

(Please note: I am not speaking to women whose marriages are dangerously unhealthy, where physical or sexual abuse is occurring, or there is a serious threat to you or your children. This encouragement is to women whose marriages are difficult, not dangerous.)

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My Husband Thinks I’m Sexy

Even if I Don't

husband and wife

Wives ‘n Mommas , this one is for you. Just over ten months ago, we welcomed our third baby; and, as with his two older siblings, my body has morphed into different shapes and sizes throughout that 19 month process, which I will affectionately call the “Triple P” – The Pregnancy & Postpartum Process.

The Triple P does incredible things for our bodies and our self-images. My belly has grown out, in and, now, down. My boobs have (or will) do the same, just in a slightly different order – out, down and in; “in” referring to the deflated (and sometimes concave) shape that apparently occurs to previously small chested women after breastfeeding. Side note: a deflated emotion may also occur to said women as previously small chested women are known to have overly enjoyed the glory days of having legit boobs while breastfeeding. But I digress.

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