One In, One Out

Making Room for Generosity, Not Greed

Pile of Junk Knives and Scissors

Christmas, birthdays, and just because of visits from your favorite people. Gifts are such a sweet way to receive love from others, and if you are a gift-giver, you know the joy that comes from finding the perfect gift for someone.

However, with all that we receive, we can quickly have more stuff than our homes can hold.

Add in kiddos, and by the time preschool hits, you often have more clothes, more kids’ meals toys, and more battery-operated gadgets than you have want.

After seasons of getting more and more, “more” becomes the expectation and “enough” never arrives, for us and the ones in our home.

How, then, can we welcome the gifts and generosity of others while keeping the “more” monster from taking up residence in our hearts and home?

By creating space.

By creating need.

By creating opportunity for generosity and gratitude.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Creating a Life You Love

Happy Book In Hand

Will Smith ranks as one of my all-time favorite actors. While I have many of his movies in my movie collection, The Pursuit of Happyness is one of my top picks. In it, Will Smith portrays Chris Gardner, a homeless salesman and single father in a 1981 San Francisco.

The Pursuit of Happyness is a movie that tells a tale of struggle and setback, perseverance and determination. Victory finally arrives, but not until after a long, hard road. And somewhere along the way, Chris Gardner finds happiness.

Friends, I dare say, that the path to our happiness looks quite similar. We want to arrive at a place of happiness, where things go our way and life is easy and good. Yet, happiness is not the end destination, but simply a product of our journey.

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Hand Me Down Wisdom

Top 5 Parenting Life Hacks

Stack of Kids Books

When I was a new mom, I felt so under-qualified for the role given to me.

It was now my full-time responsibility to care for a baby; and not just any baby, but my baby. I was now in charge of changing diapers, nourishing and even shepherding this little life.

For someone who wasn’t the most natural, award-winning babysitter, this concept was a little overwhelming for me. Heck, I could barely keep houseplants alive; now I had to care for a tiny human too.

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How to Overcome Defeat

Seeing Your Days as God’s Masterpiece

Overcoming Defeat Through Jesus Christ

Do you ever have days when it feels like life is chipping away at you? At your resolve, leaving you questioning your capability?

Like a game of Jenga, the small withdrawals throughout the day leave you threadbare and worn. If one more move, one more small thing is to give away, the whole tower of what you are will be sent tumbling to the ground.

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